Just living a life I love, one “That’s what she said” joke at a time. 

I’m not out to change the world with this, or throw my opinion at any and everyone who reads it. I’m not trying to turn it into an income generator, or morph it into a vlog on a YouTube channel. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m out to get a long list of subscribers that feel they can “relate to what I’m doing and going through.” I just write for me. I write to express my excitement for a new adventure, or try to make sense of what might be known as a “bad day.” I’m a certified goof. I live and love with my heart on my sleeve, confident in the fact that the most essential, beautiful part of being human is embracing emotion without needing a reason behind it.

I deeply believe that all we have is here…The only time we have is now…And nothing is wasted if you’re happy.

So welcome to the blog of a Colorado girl who’s nothing but here, now and happy.


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